7 Ways to Get a Better Response Rate in a Plus-Size Dating Site

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Do you use a plus size dating site? Have you been always frustrated because of the lack of response rates from the messages that you have been sending? We are here to help BBW singles who are looking for a way to make sure that response rate to their messages will be higher. Consider the tips that we will be mentioning below.

Improve your Profile

When you send a message via a BBW dating site, before the other person would respond, chances are, your profile will be checked. They will most probably go through your profile description, take a look at your hobbies, and evaluate you based on what is included in your profile. Make sure to check your profile and make it attractive in the eyes of other members.

Upload a Picture

It is not enough that you have a well-written profile in a plus size dating site. You should also have the right pictures. Make sure to upload at least three recent pictures. Before you upload picture, ask yourself: does it look good? If yes, then go, upload it!

Check your Grammar

Before hitting the send button, make sure to double check what you have just said. Changing just one character or one punctuation from your message will do a lot to attract BBW singles and to trigger them to send a reply. If your grammar is wrong, they will most probably be turned off.

Find the Right Timing

It is also important to send your messages at the right time to improve the chances of achieving a higher response rate amongst BBW singles. According to experts, most women are active from 10 to 11 pm. On the other hand, most men are online 9 to 10 am. Avoid sending messages from 2 to 3 pm as this is typically the time with the lowest response rate.

Keep It Short And Sweet

When sending your first message in a plus-size dating site, it is important to make sure that it is short and sweet. Do not bother having a lengthy introduction of yourself, as such description should be in your profile and not reiterated in your message.

Contact the Right People

Chances are, you are getting a low response rates rate because you are contacting the wrong people in BBW dating sites. If the other person seems to be out of your league, do not bother. Know your worth and it will be easier for you to decide who will most likely notice you.

Be Interesting

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, make sure to have a well-crafted first message that will create a favorable impression amongst BBW singles. One-liners like “Hello” may not work. Be as interesting and engaging as possible. Ask a question so that the other person would feel the need to respond.